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 Welcome to Ads Pay is an advertising agency that advertises different national and multination brands businesses. We also provide earnings opportunities to people through viewing ads on our platform. We also offer income for referring our platform to others and Ads Pay members boost their income Through Ads pay marketing plans. We offer multiple business plans with great features and opportunities for lifetime earnings from home. Ads Pay offer daily ads, multiple business plans, Uni-level business plans, and Lifetime commission for renewing and upgrading packages. We offer up to 100 ads daily with short view time 10 to 20 seconds. Members may watch all ads within 5 to 10 minutes and may earn daily handsome income. We offer 2 levels of ads Earning. Members enjoy ads earnings from their team members working. we offer multiple levels of earnings through network marketing. There is not any limit for earning you may earn as much as you want. There are not any hidden charges that you earn you receive in your bank accounts. Your members may activate any package without any limitations. If you have activated the basic package , you may still earn from your team's executive package. WE OFFER BEST BUSINESS PLANS AMONG OTHERS.

We have a good team for supporting our members 24/7.

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Yes, you can upload your ads for promotion. Follow these steps for uploading your ads: 1) Login your account 2) Open my ads 3) Upload your ads 4) Pay ads fee Your ads will live after admin approval

Every package have different levels of commission. We offer world best marketing plan UNI-LEVEL. Users may add unlimited members in their 1st line There's not any limit of 2 or 3 members in your 1st line. When a user add a member in his 1st line or level 1 he earn 30% of commission of package price. This mean every user receive: 30% commission from 1st level members (1st line) 10% commission from 2nd level members (2nd line) 2.5% commission from 3rd level members (3rd line) 1.25% commission from 4th level members (4th line) 1.25% commission from 5th level members (5th line) 0.63% commission from 6th level members (6th line) Users receive commission from every member who join in their downlines according to their business plans.

Every package has different features we define these features In Plan details: Daily limit: How much ads you can watch Daily Referral Bonus: This means if a user will active this package upto How many uplines he will receive commission if package have 2 levels he will receive commission from 2 lines Plan price: how much a user pay for activation of this package. Validation: How many days or months this package will remain active

Every member earn 10% income from their downline ads income. If a user have 10 members in his 1st line he receives 10% ads commission from every member. This income help you to earn Rs.1000 plus through ads without any working if you have a good team. There's not any maximum limit from downlines ads earnings.

It depends on your business plan. we offer handsome income for ads watching up to Rs.70 per ad. Members earned upto Rs.600 daily through ads. Users also receive ads commission from all 1st levels members.

Adspay offer up to 100 ads daily with short view time. Per ad price upto Rs.70

Ads Pay is advertising agency which advertise different national and multination brands businesses. We also provide earnings opportunities to peoples throw viewing ads on our platform same like TV and social media ads. We also offer income for referring our platform to others and Eads's members boost their income Through multilevel marketing plans.